When choosing a fence for your property, it’s important to consider a few things before installation.

Are you looking for privacy? Or will something less secure but still attractive work for your needs?

One trendy option is the wood split rail fence. Let’s take a look three facts about this type of fence before you buy.

1. It’s Not for Privacy

The split rail fence is made of posts and boards placed with lots of space between the other boards and posts.

You’ll see these fences used to keep livestock contained, or as a decorative boundary around a property.

While a wooden split rail fence is a great option to separate a yard or provide a border, it won’t keep anyone from seeing onto your property.

It’s also not the fence you want if you need to keep small pets in a yard or if you need a secure perimeter.

But that doesn’t rule out a split rail fence if you like the look, but you need a secure yard for your dog.

2. It Can Be More Than Wood

Adding mesh wire, like chicken wire, to one side of the fence makes a split rail fence more functional.

A split rail fence with wire is safe for use to keep small pets in (or small animals out) of a yard or garden.

The wire is small enough to blend in with the open space between the wood posts. From a distance, the fence will look like any other split rail fencing.

The added wire adds enough security to make it harder to crawl through the rails. But the aesthetic of the split rails still stands out.

When planning your fence, make sure the fence is also tall enough to keep pets in and people out.

3. It Requires Maintenance

Installing a split rail fence is hard work. But after your new fence is complete, it adds beauty and value to your home.

Wood has a natural beauty that is one of the most popular materials for fences. But over time, wood warps, rots, and splits. This can affect the integrity of your fence.

To keep a split rail fence looking as good as it does when it’s first installed, you’ll want to refinish it every two or three years.

Once or twice a year, walk your fence line. Check for damaged posts and weak spots in the fence.

Make repairs as soon as you see them. This keeps splits from growing throughout a fence post or board and minimizes the size and cost of a repair.

A Split Rail Fence Completes Your Home

Whether it’s the first thing you see or the statement piece around your backyard, a split rail fence completes the look of your home.

When choosing your fence, work with a reputable company for materials and installation. Fence Craft of Upland, Inc has been in business since 1957. We know fences, and we guarantee our work.

Whether it’s a split rail fence or you have something else in mind, contact us to schedule an estimate.