Adding a fence to your property is a great way to get some privacy from your neighbors and improve your curb appeal. If you choose a great company like Fence Craft of Upland to install your fence, there’s a good chance your fence already looks amazing. There’s something so elegant and timeless about a nice wooden fence or a white vinyl fence. Some people like to take their fence’s appearance further and spice things up. That’s why we’ve decided to put together the following article. Below, you will learn about 3 different ways to spice up your fence without detracting from its functionality. Remember to reach out to Fence Craft of Upland if you are interested in installing a fence or repairing an existing fence on your property.

1. Paint Murals

One great way to spice up your fence and add some color to your property is to paint a mural on it. This tends to work best on fences that are made of wood. You can even involve your kids and make it a family project. You can really let your artistic side out and unleash your creativity if you decide to paint a mural on your fence. Keep in mind that you can always paint over the mural if you decide you want to change things up at a later date.

2. Add Plants and Foliage

Another way to spice up the appearance of your fence is to add plants and foliage to it. Lots of people have gardens and shrubs surrounding their fencing, but what if you added plants that actually grow on your fence? You can choose plants like safe climbing vines and hanging baskets to add some green plants and beautiful blooms to your fencing. Plants can also help to dampen the noise surrounding your property and add some additional privacy for your family. Just make sure that you don’t choose plants that will damage your fencing and think things through before making permanent adjustments.

3. Install Lighting

If you are looking to illuminate your yard and the area around your fencing, you can always install lighting. That way, you can enjoy your yard at night and host people for casual events with a little extra luminescence. You can add fairy lights for an interesting aesthetic or even install a string of lights along the outside of your fence for a nice touch. You might even want to look into solar lights that soak up the sun during the day to light up your fence and your yard at night. There are tons of different options for spicing up your fence, but adding lighting might be one of the best choices.

We hope this article has provided you with some spectacular ideas about how to spice up your fence. All of these options are great ways to make your fencing even more unique and to add some personality to your property. Remember to reach out to Fence Craft of Upland if you have any questions about fencing or updating your fence.