Great Tips for Hiring a Fence Contractor

Fences can provide your property with added privacy, comfort, and security. The benefits are numerous, which is why it makes sense that many property owners want to hire someone to handle all of their fencing needs. However, there are lots of different fence contractors out there all trying to get your business. It can be difficult to choose the right one without thinking things through and doing a little research. That’s why we’ve prepared the following article to give you some added insight on how to make sure you make the right choice in fencing contractors. Keep reading on to learn more.

1. Obtain Different Estimates

When it comes down to it, you want to make sure you are getting a fence contractor that can get the job done right at the lowest possible price. That’s why it’s important to get multiple estimates from different fence companies to get an idea of what the project will cost. Fence contractors are a competitive bunch, which means they will want to get your business. It’s fairly easy for them to give you an estimate so it won’t take a long time to obtain a few different estimates. Don’t just go with the first bid you get, obtain a few different estimates so that you can make an educated decision.

2. Ask for a Few References

When you find a fence contractor that you think you might go with, you should ask them for a few references before actually hiring them. That way, you can hear about their previous customer’s experiences. What better way to learn if a fence company is legitimate or not than by speaking with people who have contracted them before?

3. Do Some Research Online

In this day and age, it’s always common for businesses to have some information and reviews that are easy to access online. If you are considering a fence contractor or fence company and they don’t have an online presence, this could be a red flag. You can find out lots of information with a simple online search for fence contractors in your area.

4. Ask Lots of Questions!

This is an essential tip for making the right decision when it comes to a fence contractor. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want about their service and what you can expect if you hire them. Ask them about the fencing materials they offer. Get an idea of how long the timeline for the project will be. Figure out what kind of warranty the fence contractor offers on their work. You can never ask too many questions when it comes to making an investment in fencing.

We hope these tips have given you some great ideas on how to make the right decision when it comes to a fence contractor. If you want to make your life easier, you can always reach out to Fence Craft of Upland for all of your fence service needs. We are the premier fence company in Upland and can get the job done right at a great price. Contact us today to learn more!

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3 of the Best Fence Types for Dogs

People these days tend to treat their dogs like they are another family member. We love spending time with our furry friends and treating them well. However, providing our dogs with an outdoor space that is safe and secure can be challenging. That’s why investing in a fence is such a great opportunity.

A high-quality fence can allow dog owners to let their pets outside to enjoy some fresh air and activity without worrying about them getting into trouble or running away. Fence Craft of Upland can provide you with a high-quality fence or kennel that allows your dog to roam freely outside on your property in a secure way. There are several great fence types you can choose for your dogs. Each one has a different style and price point, so let’s take a look below at the 3 best fence types for dogs so that you can make the right decision for your property.

1. Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are great because they offer security and durability at a great price. They are one of the most popular fence types on the market. You know they will keep your dogs safe from harm while they are spending time outside in your yard. You also won’t have to spend a lot on maintaining them. Fence Craft of Upland typically uses chain link fence material to craft kennels for our customers as well. You can’t go wrong with using a chain link fence for your dogs.

2. Wooden Fences

Investing in a wooden fence is a great way to keep your dog safe when they spend time outside. They are also great because they can increase the value of your home and improve the overall appearance of your property. However, it’s important to note that wooden fences can be expensive and require lots of maintenance to keep them looking good. Try to keep the height of your wooden fence about 6 feet tall so that your dogs won’t be able to jump over it!

3. Vinyl Fences

This fence type is another great option for dog owners that are looking to keep their pups safe from harm. Vinyl fences are great because they are durable, flexible, and easy to clean. Fence Craft of Upland can install vinyl fences on your property at a great price and work with you to create the fence of your dreams. Not only will a vinyl fence keep your dog on your property and prevent intruders from getting in, but it will also improve the appearance of your property in a big way.

Dogs are man’s best friend, so it makes sense that we want to treat them well and provide them with space where they can exercise and enjoy the great outdoors in a safe way. Fences are the perfect way to do this. Any of the fence types mentioned above are perfect for dogs. Contact Fence Craft of Upland today to get a free quote on any of our fencing options.

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Vinyl Fences Vs. Wood Fences: A Comparison

Adding a fence to your property is a wise investment that can provide added security as well as improve the value of the property. A nice looking fence can elevate the overall aesthetic of your property and make you proud every time you see it. There are a ton of different options when it comes to selecting the material you will use for your fence. Each has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. It will also come down to personal preference as well when you are making your final decision. Vinyl fences and wooden fences are some of the most popular options that people go with for their property. Below, we will provide you with a comparison of the two styles so that you can make the best possible decision for your property.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is a material that is constructed out of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. It is very easy to care for thanks to its durability. You really won’t have to spend a lot on maintaining a vinyl fence, which is great news for property owners that prefer to spend their time on other things. This fence type is also special because of all of the different styles and textures you can choose from. A great fence service provider will provide you with a lot of different vinyl fencing options to choose from.

Whenever we make investments in property upgrades and home improvement projects like adding a fence, we want to make sure we are getting a great return on our investment. That’s what is so attractive about vinyl fences. After your initial investment, you can expect your vinyl fence to last for a very long time. Most vinyl fences even come with limited lifetime warranties, which tells you they are built to last. Fence Craft of Upland offers lots of different vinyl fence options and can help you choose the right one for your property and get it installed the right way.

Wooden Fences

There’s something truly special about a timeless wood fence. It has been one of the most popular fencing materials for hundreds of years. The appearance of a wooden fence is simply unmatched. They can really make your property feel like home. You can use a wood fence to elevate the style on your property, protect your kids and pets from danger, block the wind and street noise, and create some privacy on your property. Wood fences are a great option for property owners that want to improve their curb appeal.

Wood fences are relatively affordable and can be stained in different colors to provide you with tons of customization options for your property. If you are comparing them to vinyl fences, It’s important to note that they will need to receive annual maintenance and are prone to rot. The good news is that the repairs and maintenance costs associated with a wood fence are fairly low. If you are interested in learning more about wood fences or would like to have one professionally installed on your property, contact Fence Craft of Upland today!

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Top 4 Businesses That Will Benefit from Adding a Fence

If you are a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Managing your employees, marketing your products and services, and handling financial matters are all responsibilities that commercial business owners deal with every day. Another responsibility for business owners is managing the property that houses their business. There are several business types that stand to benefit greatly from having a fence installed on their property. In fact, for some businesses, commercial fencing is absolutely mandatory. Keep reading on to learn about the top 4 businesses that will benefit from adding a fence on their property.

1. Contracting Businesses

If you own a contracting business, there’s a good chance you have a ton of equipment and tools on your property. Landscaping contractors, pool construction services, and general contractors rely on their tools and equipment to run their entire business operation. That’s why a commercial fence can add so much value to these types of businesses. A strong and sturdy fence will protect equipment stored on the property from thieves and end up being a worthy investment in the long run.

2. Day Care Businesses

If you own a daycare business, it’s your responsibility to take care of the children that are on your property and ensure they are safe at all times. Parents are putting their children’s lives in your hands, so it makes sense that you would want to take their safety seriously. Kids love to spend time outside, which means you will need to provide a secure and safe space for them to play outside. A fence can help you accomplish this with ease. Contact a fence company like Fence Craft of Upland to have a high-quality commercial fence installed on your day-care property. That way, you can let the kids enjoy some time outside without worrying about them running off or getting into safety issues.

3. Finance or Insurance Businesses

If you own a finance or insurance business, you likely have a lot of confidential customer information on your property. That means keeping thieves and unwanted visitors from ever stepping foot on your property is absolutely essential. A commercial fence can keep all of your confidential information safe and deter thieves from even attempting to get ahold of it. Fences can provide you with added confidence in the security of your property, which is worth every penny you will spend on the fence installation.

4. Businesses that deal with Hazardous Materials

If you own a business that deals with hazardous materials, such as manufacturing facilities or landfills, it’s your responsibility to keep the public from having access. You don’t want anyone to get hurt on your property, so investing in a fence service to come and install a sturdy fence around the area is definitely a good idea. Your business reputation and responsibility for keeping the general public safe are at stake.

There are plenty of other businesses that stand to benefit from working with a fence company like Fence Craft of Upland. Contact us today if you would like to hear more about how our fences can help your business.

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Why Vinyl Fencing is a Fantastic Investment

If you are a homeowner or property owner, you have probably explored fencing options before. The right fence can elevate your property value and keep unwanted visitors out. Protecting your property is easy with vinyl fencing. Vinyl is a strong material that you should look at as a long-term investment. The only real downside to vinyl fencing is that it can be a bit pricier than other fencing options. The positive aspects of vinyl fencing should certainly grab your attention. Let’s take a look at why vinyl fencing is a fantastic investment.


  1. Plenty of Variety


A big plus with vinyl fencing is that you have a ton of styles to choose from. That means you can personalize your fencing based on your own taste. If you are putting a fence in front of your house, you can match the style to the style of your home. Vinyl fence colors like white, tan, black, and grey will never need to be painted and can elevate the appearance of any space that it protects. You can even purchase vinyl fencing in a wood grain color to provide the appearance of a wood fence without any of the maintenance!

  1. Avoid Pests, Fires, and Splinters


With wood fencing, you will have to keep your eye on it because termites, fire damage, and splinters are real risks. Going with vinyl allows you to completely avoid those problems. Vinyl is fire-resistant, which means you can sleep safe and sound knowing that it’s not going to be a risk. Termites can wreak havoc on wood fences, but not on vinyl fences.


  1. Easy to Install


Vinyl fencing is a fantastic investment that you can even put together yourself. With the right tools and techniques, you can create the fence of your dreams. On the other hand, paying professionals to install it won’t break the bank thanks to how easy it is to install. You won’t have to seal, paint, or stain after the fence is put up either.


  1. Durable for Decades


Another big benefit of investing in vinyl fencing is that you can rely on it for decades. Vinyl is a strong material that doesn’t wear down due to weather-related factors. That means that the money you spend on a vinyl fence will provide you a return on investment for many years. Other fence options require you to put more money into them for maintenance and repairs over their lifespans.


  1. Supreme Protection


If you are a property or homeowner, it makes a lot of sense that you want to protect your investment. By purchasing a vinyl fence, you can protect your home from intruders, animals, and more. Vinyl fencing can also help protect your privacy. You can’t go wrong investing in vinyl fencing thanks to its supreme protection.


There are always a lot of options to think about when you are thinking about purchasing a fence. Vinyl fences should be at the top of your list for the reasons mentioned above and more. Contact Fence Craft today to get a quote on vinyl

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Understanding the Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a great option for adding safety to an area and enclosing a space. There are tons of options available for fencing, but chain link fencing is always one of the most popular. It’s cost-effective, offers great durability, and can be perfect for both residential and commercial areas.


Chain link fencing is always reliable and does a great job of protecting a space without requiring a lot of maintenance. There are a lot of benefits to chain link fencing, and it can truly be the perfect fencing option for schools, construction sites, and even residential homes. Let’s check out some of the major benefits of chain link fences below.


  1. Easy to Maintain


If you are someone who prefers minimal effort after something has been installed, chain link fences are the right option for you. You can have your fences set up by a professional and then enjoy using it for years with little to no maintenance efforts. Even when damages do occur to your chain link fence, it’s very simple to repair them.


  1. Reliable Security


Let’s face it, many people want to install a fence to keep people out. It’s constructed from heavy duty steel wires that will certainly do their job of keeping people out of a certain area. Chain link fencing sets up a solid barrier that makes it very difficult for people to get through. The wires are interlocked together to form diamond shapes that provide reliable security. This is the perfect fence if privacy isn’t an issue for you and you need to keep people out of a specific section of your property.


  1. Affordable Fencing Solution


Another great benefit associated with chain link fencing is that it is extremely affordable. When you compare it to other fencing options, it’s certainly one of the more cost-effective options. You don’t have to sacrifice reliability for your fence if you are on a budget. Going with a chain link fence is a great way to gain a strong barrier that won’t break the bank.


  1. Installed Quickly


Sometimes, we need a fence put up quick. This can be due to a new construction project, recent security issues in the area, or something else. Whatever the case may be, chain link fences are great because you can get them up and running quickly. If you are looking for the best fences in California, contact Fence Craft today.


  1. Excellent Durability


With other fence options, they might look great but also be lacking in durability. That’s why chain link fences are so great because they provide excellent durability. You can even select different chain link fence materials depending on your durability needs. For example, choosing galvanized steel for your materials will provide you with a durable fencing solution for many years to come.


You have tons of options when it comes to fencing, but don’t overlook the benefits of the tried and true chain link fence. Contact Fence Craft today to get started on building your chain link fence!

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The Most Popular Types of Fences to Choose From

If you are thinking about putting a fence on your property, you are on the verge of making a fantastic decision. Quality fencing can increase the value of your property and keep you safe from crime. Choosing the right type can also help elevate the style of your house and allow you to enjoy privacy from your neighbors. It helps to learn a little bit about the fence types you can choose from prior to making your final decision. Keep reading on for an inside look at the most popular types of fences you can choose from.


  1. Aluminum Fencing


This is a classic fencing option that any good fence company will be easily able to install on your property. It isn’t the heftiest fencing option in terms of security, but it looks nice and is pretty much maintenance free. Aluminum fencing is a great option to explore if you live in a subdivision or have a home with a decent sized yard.


  1. PVC Fencing


If your budget for fencing isn’t large, PVC fencing might be the best option for you. This fencing starts with wooden posts that are covered with PVC materials to cut down on the actual amount of wood used. You can choose from a variety of different colors and sizes of PVC fencing and it will last you a long time thanks to the durability of PVC materials.


  1. Chain Link Fencing


Another cost-effective fencing option is chain link fencing. You won’t be gaining any privacy with this option, but you will be receiving security and durability with a chain link fence. It also doesn’t require very much maintenance. If you do want to add some privacy to your home with a chain link fence, you can always use plants and a little bit of innovation.


  1. Wood Fencing


This is probably the most popular fence type for homes thanks to the privacy it provides and it’s aesthetically appealing look. There’s something about a classic wood fence that makes people feel like their home is complete. It’s not too expensive either, which means many people can fit a solid wood fence into their budget. However, the more wood that is involved, the more expensive the fence will end up being. Choosing a quality wood for your fence can help it last for decades.


  1. Vinyl Fencing


If the price isn’t a big factor for you, vinyl fencing is a great option. It offers lots of durability, doesn’t require any maintenance, and can be very stylish to put around your house. It’s certainly a strong option to consider if you are looking at your fence as an investment for the future.


Choosing any of the fence type mentioned above can provide numerous benefits to your property. You have to ask yourself what the right type is for your own personal preferences before making any final decisions. Contact Fence Craft if you need any assistance with your fencing needs.

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Why Install a Fence on Your Property?

If you are a property owner or a new homeowner, it’s likely that you have considered putting a fence somewhere on your property before. This can be a great decision that adds a lot to the overall look and security of your house. Split rail fencing is something that people will notice You might be on the fence about putting one on your property, but don’t worry! We’ve decided to put together the following article that provides some details and a few reasons why you should install fencing on your property.


  1. Security Upgrade

Adding fencing to your property is a decision that can help protect your investment and keep you and your family safe. It doesn’t matter where exactly you live, you can definitely gain some added security and peace of mind by adding a fence around your property. It can also prevent wildlife from entering your property if you live in a region where that occurs. Keeping intruders off of your property is obviously a huge plus, which is why you should consider adding a fence to your property.


  1. More Privacy


Fencing offers a physical barrier that can provide you with some added privacy on your property. You don’t want your neighbors to have a bird’s eye view of your every move when you are outside or in your house, which is where quality fencing comes into play. This can be even more valuable if you have a pool or spend lots of time outdoors. Wooden fences are perfect for adding privacy around your property.


  1. Keep Your Pets Safe


These days, having a dog is like having another member of the family. In fact, many pets live lives of lavish luxury. Keeping your furry friends safe and sound is very important for the family, so purchase a fence to make sure they are always close to home. Letting your dogs outside to get some air and use the bathroom is worry-free if you have a solid fence surrounding your yard. If you are a dog owner, a fence is absolutely essential.


  1. Aesthetically Appealing


Many fences look absolutely fantastic. There are lots of fashionable options to choose from that can really make a difference on your property. Choosing the right fencing can even increase the overall value of your property. Pick a fence that matches the style of your house and your neighborhood and you can take your house’s appearance to an entirely new level.


  1. Helps Mark Boundaries


Some plots of land can be absolutely massive. If you are fortunate enough to own a large plot of land, investing in fencing to mark where your property begins and ends is a wise decision. You don’t want people trespassing on your property, so purchase fencing that will keep that from happening.


We hope this article has helped to convince you of the many merits of purchasing a fence. Remember, every property stands to benefit from fencing in some way!


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paint or stain fence

Should You Paint or Stain Your Wood Fence?

If you’ve recently had a new wooden fence installed, you may be wondering how to go about finishing it. Should you paint your fence or stain it? There are pros and cons to each choice. In order to make the decision that’s right for you, it’s important to understand the benefits of paint and stain.

The Benefits of Painting Your Fence

Many homeowners choose to paint their wood fence. The great thing about painting a fence is that you have a wide range of colors to choose from. You can choose a neutral paint color that will blend in well with your landscaping or choose something bold to really make a statement. With so many different brands of paint available on the market, painting your fence can be an economical choice. Painting a fence does not have to take a great deal of time and can be done in a single afternoon in many cases.

There are a couple downsides to painting a fence that you should consider. First of all, even high-quality paint will not last forever. Because it is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, paint is prone to cracks and peeling. If you decide to paint your fence you will most likely have to re-paint it every several years. In order to do so properly, you will want to take the time to scrape off any areas of peeling paint before putting on a fresh coat.

For homeowners who love the look of a painted fence, this may not be a deal breaker. However, if you want to enjoy the appeal of a painted fence without the maintenance, you do have other options. Vinyl fencing, for example, can be manufactured to look exactly like a wood fence. It comes in a variety of colors and will never need to be repainted. Vinyl fencing does tend to be more expensive than wood. However, if you really don’t want to re-paint your fence in the future it may be worth the investment.

The Benefits of Staining Your Fence

Unlike paint, a wood stain will last for many years before wearing off. In addition, wood stain is not prone to the same peeling and cracking as paint. That means when it is time to re-stain, you will not have to go through the extra step of scraping off any peeling areas. However, it’s a good idea to power wash your wood fence prior to applying a new coat of stain.

Wood stains come in a variety of natural shades that match well with any landscape. This is why wood stains have grown in popularity in recent years. The only downside to staining your fence is the initial cost. Wood stain is typically more expensive than paint. However, it makes up for the initial cost in longevity. Applying stain to your fence is very similar to painting. However, depending on the type of wood your fence is made of and the color density that you are trying to achieve, you may need to go over your fence will multiple coats of stain.

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vines for fences

The Best Vine Plants for Fences

For homeowners looking to add a unique addition to their garden, climbing vine plants may be something to consider. There are many different vines that thrive here in Southern California. These plants grow quickly to cover fences, creating a look that will surely stand out.

Choosing a Vine Plant

Upon visiting your local plant nursery, you may be surprised just how many different climbing plants there are to choose from. How do you choose the one that’s right for your fence? In order to decide, it’s important to understand a little bit about the different types of vine plants and their unique attributes.

Tendrils climbing plants grow tiny shoots that wrap around surrounding structures. Because these types of plants require something to grab on to, they may need a little help if you want them to climb your wood fence. Stringing up lines of thin wire in a diamond pattern across your wood fence will help these vines grow in an interesting pattern.

Twining vines, on the other hand, do not require extra support to grow vertically along your fence. These types of climbing plants are able to support themselves. Instead of grabbing on to surrounding objects, they actually attach themselves directly onto your fence as they grow.

Maintaining Your Vines

No matter what variety of climbing vine you choose, your plants will require some maintenance. First, you will want to make sure you prune your vines a few times per year. If left unchecked, climbing plants can begin to look sloppy. If they become too overgrown, they may begin to attract spiders and other insects looking for a dark place to hide.

On top of pruning, make sure that you understand the light and watering needs of your vines before you plant. Talk to an expert at your local nursery about the direction your fence is facing and what kind of light it gets throughout the day. If you plant your vines in an optimal place, they should be able to grow relatively will with minimal watering or fertilizing.

Which Climbing Plants Should You Choose?

Another factor you want to consider when choosing your climbing plants is whether or not you want it to grow quickly or slowly. Some common varieties of ivy, for example, can grow quite quickly. If you want to cover as much surface area as possible in a short amount of time, ivy may be the way to go. However, other plants grow slowly, allowing you to guide and shape them over time. You also have the option of choosing vines that are completely green, or a variety that will flower during certain times of the year. Some popular varieties of climbing plants here in California include:

  • Bougainvillea
  • Climbing Hydrangea
  • Honeysuckle
  • Ivy
  • Jasmine
  • Virginia Creeper

The good news is that, because our weather is mild, you have dozens of different varieties of climbing vines to choose from that can thrive in our area. The plant expert at your local hardware store or nursery should be able to recommend the best varieties for your yard.

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