Every dog loves a yard to run around in. However, to keep your pet safe while they play outside, it’s important to have a quality fence in place. When dogs are not confined to a fenced yard, they may wander away and get lost or injured. A fenced yard provides your dog with a safe place to play and exercise. Spending time outdoors is not only good for your dog’s health but their mental state as well. Animal behaviorists often blame unwanted behaviors in dogs on a lack of physical activity.

A fenced yard is also very convenient for you as a dog owner. Going for walks and visits to the dog park is beneficial, however, those activities don’t always fit into your schedule. Having a fenced yard that is always available to your dog is a great way to provide them with some much-needed time outdoors when a walk is not possible.

Proper Fencing for Dog Owners

There are many different fencing types available on the market. You may be wondering which is right for you as a dog owner. The answer to the question depends on a few different things including the type of dog you have, the size and structure of your yard, and your budget. In addition, you want to consider your dog’s behaviors as well. Are they jumpers? Diggers? If so, these are things you need to consider when choosing a fence for your yard.

Some dogs are natural escape artists, so you need to take special considerations when choosing your fence. If your dog has the ability to jump high, then you will want to make sure your fence is high enough to keep them from getting out. Generally, an eight-foot-tall fence is sufficient for most dog owners. Other dogs like to dig their way out of their yard. If this is the case, you will want to talk to your fencing contractor about adding some type of barrier at the bottom of your fence.

If you have a smaller dog, you will want to avoid any fences with wide gaps. You may be surprised how smaller dogs are able to squeeze between tight spaces. For that reason, fencing types such as aluminum or rod iron are not always the best choice for small dog owners.

The good news is that you have many different fencing options as a pet owner. Wooden privacy fences, for example, are very popular among pet owners. Because there are no gaps to worry about, they do an excellent job of keeping your pet securely within your yard. Chain link is another popular fencing material for both yards and dog runs. Chain link is a very durable material, which makes it great for security. Plus, it allows pets the ability to look out at their surroundings beyond their yard.

Whichever fencing type you choose for your yard, you will want to make sure that it’s expertly installed. When you’re ready for your new fence, contact the experts at Fence Craft. Our friendly staff members are standing by answer all of your questions.