Wood fences are one of the most popular fence options on the market for a good reason. They look absolutely great and can provide privacy and added security on your property. There is one downside to wooden fences that many owners have to deal with. Wood is a material that is susceptible to damage from the sun, rain, and dirt. If you let your wood fence go without upkeep, it can quickly deteriorate in appearance. The good news is that cleaning your wood fence isn’t too challenging. Washing your wood fence on a regular basis will keep it looking great and help you avoid replacing it. Keep reading on to learn about the best way to clean a wood fence.

1. Obtain the Right Tools

When you are cleaning your wood fence, the overall goal is to wash off the layer of dead wood cells that make your fence look older and deteriorated. After you remove that layer, you can stain or seal it to give it a fresh look and long-term moisture protective properties. You’re going to need a few tools to get the job done right. A pressure washer and plastic sheeting are absolutely essential. You can typically rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store for a reasonable price. You can choose to rent a gas or electric pressure washer, but keep in mind that an electric pressure washer requires a nearby outlet to operate.

2. Protect the Plants Around Your Fence

Before you start cleaning your fence with the pressure washer, you should cover up the plants and grass that are surrounding your fence. If you have delicate plants or flowers near the fence, they might be damaged from the dirt that flies off of your fence as you clean it. Laying down a plastic tarp is a good way to protect the plants around the fence.

3. Start Pressure Washing

You want to make sure you are keeping the nozzle about 2 feet away from the fence to prevent the powerful pressure washer from damaging your fence. Using cold water is key, as hot water can raise the grain of the wood and make it extremely difficult to stain the fence after you have washed it off. It’s always better to start at a large distance and move in rather than the other way around.

4. Decide on Staining or Sealing

After you have removed the layer of grime on your fence, it’s time to stain or seal it. Staining is going to color the fence and make it look great. You can choose from a variety of different stain colors to match your personal taste. Sealing provides your fence with a layer of moisture protection and doesn’t add color to the fence. Fences typically require sealing on an annual basis, thanks to the way sealers are created with wax instead of oil. You can also choose a product that provides staining and sealing to get the best of both worlds.

We hope this article has provided you with some great information about cleaning your wood fence. Remember to contact Fence Craft of Upland for all of your fence needs.