You love your dog, you’d do just about anything for that little guy, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

Spending the kind of time necessary outdoors with your pup can be challenging at times, fortunately, there are several options that can give your dog the outdoor time he deserves.

Read on to learn more about why a dog kennel run could be the perfect fit for your furry family member.

Planning Your Dog Kennel Run

Rather you decide to build a DIY dog run or have it constructed by professionals, there are a couple details you should nail down before you’re ready to get started. Many pet owners like to start by deciding just how large the dog run will be and what materials they’d like to use in construction.

The size of your dog run will depend on the size of your dog and you’ll want to decide just what kind of materials are best suited. The ASPCA recommends that dog runs be no narrower than 5 feet wide.

A 10×10 enclosure is a good example of a standard dog run size. You can make your dog run even larger if you have multiple pets. When planning your dog run, we strongly recommend planning your top enclosure.

Dog runs can be created without a top, of course, but this could leave your pet vulnerable to injury. Large dogs can often jump higher than 6 feet, so be aware that a large pet could potentially harm himself escaping the run or in the process of attempting to.

Smaller dogs are also vulnerable to hazards if the top of your dog run is not enclosed. Predatory birds may fly into your dog run to harass, harm, or even carry off your pet.

More About Dog Runs

Once you’ve planned your dog run, you may want to add a few items to your shopping list. If you don’t have an extra water bowl, you’ll want to may want to pick up an extra. Dogs should never be left in a dog run without access to water.

Covering the top of your enclosure can be a good idea too. Your local hardware store likely sells an outdoor-friendly material that will attach easily to your top enclosure.

This material is similar to what is used to make waterproof sun umbrellas and will keep your pet shaded and out of the rain.

Note: Always want to make sure your dog has access to a bowl of clean water when left in the dog run. Never leave your unsupervised dog in a dog run for extended periods of time, extreme summer temperatures, or during cold winter months.

Building Your Perfect Dog Run

While the idea of a dog kennel run sounds like the perfect choice, you may be a bit concerned about the level of expertise necessary to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing run.

If you’re interested in learning more about this special treat, we’re ready to answer any questions you may have. Visit our blog for more pet-friendly ideas or call us today to discuss your fencing needs.