One of the biggest perks of homeownership is that you get to choose exactly what you want your property to look like. You can invest in upgrades and accessories that make your home truly yours. For example, adding a privacy fence to your property is a great way to get some seclusion from your neighbors and improve the value of your home. Privacy fences are practical, make your home more secure, and provide you with a safe area for your pets and kids. Homeowners that are looking into adding a privacy fence should spend enough time estimating the costs before hiring a contractor to begin the work. There are several important factors to account for when estimating the cost of a privacy fence, which is why we’ve put together the following article. Below, you will find some valuable tips for estimating the cost of a privacy fence.

1. Research Zoning Laws and HOA Rules

The first tip for estimating the cost of your privacy fence is to spend some time researching local zoning laws and HOA rules. You should know where your property lines are and make sure that you have permission to install the privacy fence. There might even be certain regulations like height limitations for your fence. It’s also a great idea to check with your Homeowner’s Association to make sure you are adhering to their rules. Often times, the HOA will ask homeowners in the neighborhood to specifically choose certain colors, materials, and types of fences. The last thing you want is to hire a fencing contractor to install your privacy fence only to learn you are breaking the rules.

2. Figure Out Your Fencing Area

The next tip for estimating the cost of your new privacy fence is to figure out your fencing area. This is the area where you will be installing your privacy fence on your property. Try to account for any slopes and unique parts of your property that may end up costing more money to have a fence installed on. You can always hire a great fence service company like Fence Craft of Upland to help with this step or any of your privacy fence installation needs. After you know how much area you will need to cover with your privacy fence, you are in a great position to estimate the overall cost.

3. Decide On Your Privacy Fence Material

The last tip we will mention is to decide on your privacy fence material. The overall cost of your privacy fence will all depend on what type of fence you choose. There are plenty of different materials to choose from, but keep in mind that some types are more expensive than others. After you decide on your material, you should have a great idea of what the privacy fence will cost you. If you need any help deciding on the right material for your fence or would like a professional quote on your privacy fence, reach out to Fence Craft of Upland today.