If you own a fence or are thinking about putting a new fence on your property, you might have heard the term “kickboard” tossed around by contractors. People that have invested time and money in their fence or are planning on doing so might not want to mention the word “kick” in the same sentence as their fence, but a kickboard is actually not what you might think it is.

Wood fences provide home and property owners with a ton of different customization options. You can choose the style of wood, the color of the stain, and more. One of the more practical wood fence customization options is kickboards. In the following post, we will be going over what a kickboard is and why you should look into them for your wooden fence. Remember to reach out to Fence Craft of Upland if you have any fence related questions or if you are looking for the most professional fence contractor on the market.

A fence kickboard is also known as a rot board. It’s essentially a piece of wood that is installed on the bottom of your wooden fence. The kickboard is in direct contact with the ground and they are normally pressure-treated. That means that the wood used for kickboards has been treated to become resistant to moisture-related damage like rotting, pests, and general decay. Now that you know what a kickboard is, you might be wondering why you would want to have one installed on your wooden fence.

Kickboards are a practical option for wooden fence owners because they help to keep the main pickets of your wooden fence away from direct contact with the ground. If the lumber that makes up your wooden fence hasn’t been pressure-treated or treated at all, it will be prone to rot and other damage. The kickboard acts as a barrier between the ground and your pickets so that you don’t have to worry about them rotting or coming into contact with excess moisture. Wood pickets that have not been treated and are in direct contact with the ground will soak up moisture over time. This can dramatically decrease the lifespan of your wooden fence and end up causing big problems. Since you are protecting your main pickets from moisture and rot with the kickboard, your fence will last much longer.

Kickboards are perfect for wooden fence owners that live in areas with a lot of moisture. It makes a lot of sense to protect your investment with a kickboard and prolong the overall life of your wooden fence. They aren’t that expensive to get installed and can really end up saving you money on maintenance and replacement over the years. If you are planning on getting a new fence in the future and have decided on wood as the material, you should also investigate getting a kickboard. Reach out to Fence Craft of Upland if you are interested in getting a kickboard installed on your wooden fence or if you have any questions about fences in general.