Purchasing a wrought iron fence for your property provides you with style and functionality for many years to come. These fences can add a unique look to your property that you will love coming home to every single day. However, without the proper care and maintenance, your wrought iron fence can be very susceptible to damage from rust and much more. That’s why we’ve put together an article of the best wrought iron fence care tips so you can avoid any serious issues on your fence. By keeping the following tips in mind and committing to regular fence care and maintenance, your wrought iron fence will be in top shape at all times.

1. Regularly Clean Your Fence

The first wrought iron fence care tip we will mention is regularly cleaning your fence. That means heading outside and washing your fence with warm soapy water to remove dirt. Try to focus on any areas that look like they might be rusting before they have a chance to cause more extensive damage. Head out with a toothbrush or something else that allows you to brush away any scum or rust stains. After you’ve cleaned your fence, give it one final rinse off and let it air dry. By regularly cleaning your wrought iron fence, you can keep it looking fantastic and also avoid any serious rust issues.

2. Take Care of Rust Sooner Rather than Later

Some rust spots on your wrought iron fence can be taken care of simply by scrubbing them clean. However, a common issue that many wrought iron fence owners face is when rust gets deep. You should always take care of rust sooner rather than later, otherwise, it can eat away at your wrought iron fence and cause significant damage. One way to take care of deep rust is to use sandpaper to scrape away the rust in the affected area. After that, you can paint over the area or apply a protective spray to prevent the rust damage from spreading. There are plenty of great products out there to take advantage of when you are trying to maintain your wrought iron fence. Just make sure you don’t let rust go unnoticed or put off fixing it until it’s too late.

3. Apply Protective Products

When it comes to wrought iron fence care tips, one of the best pieces of advice to remember is that prevention is key. You can prevent a lot of the common wrought iron fence issues simply by applying protective products. For example, spraying your fence with a protective coating or wax can go a long way towards helping you avoid rust damage. There are even sprays that are water repellant which help you avoid rust and moisture-related damage. If you have any questions about which protective products will work best for your wrought iron fence, reach out to Fence Craft of Upland for help. Our goal is to help you maximize the useful life of your fence without expertise and years of fence installation experience.